Hello World

Have you every had one of those days. Not that day. The day where you sleep late, spill your coffee, step in the dog droppings on the way out ,but a day. THAT day. Where there’s a niggle in the back of brain that you dismiss in the morning and by the end of the day its a forest fire of recriminations, flippant comebacks, and overwhelming desires to say “are you nuts ” burning a straight line to your tongue. Well I’m not there yet…..
+ In an effort not to get there, I plan to use this blog. I would value responses as long as you can laugh with me for my spelling, punctuation, and grammatical license. Understand that I can read something I’ve typed and translate  spelling even when looking for an error. My written punctuation and grammar seems to be just like my speech. Laugh, bear with me, or like me – just get over it. Do not though, mistake it for a lack of effort, understanding, or reasoning.
+ My brain and my approach to life runs simultaneously on multiple tracks so when reading think algorithmically. There’s always what I think, what I know, what I want or need to know to form a better opinion, what I think will happen,   then there’s what you know, what I think you think you know, why  I think you think the way you do… well you get it. Welcome to my world and my future blog posts.

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