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High Costs Of Obama’s Actions

During the October 16th House subcommittee hearing CDC’s Thomas Frieden testified that  “If we try to restrict air travel, people from West Africa may try to get into the United States by land. Our borders are porous and if West Africans enter over land, we will not be able to monitor them for fever or to question them when they enter the country.” (1)  Emphasis mine.

Without any qualifier Frieden testifies our borders are porous, confirming every allegation that our borders are not secure made by conservatives over the last six years. Due to Obama’s negligence or outright refusal to fulfill a basic responsibility of the presidency, our safety now depends upon either completely open travel from outbreak areas to the United States and our ability question and monitor all, stopping the transmission chain if infection occurs or relying upon people who have been exposed and have lied to escape their country telling us the truth when they arrive, so we can question and monitor, and stop the transmission chain if infection occurs. I say either or because basis of Freiden’s conclusions are not clear to me.

Every citizen who suffers economic hardship because of missed work due to self exposure or contact exposure, who suffers because of actual infection, who potentially suffers because of loss of a friend, a family member or pet, who suffers because limited resources were reallocated to stop transmission chain, suffers in part due to Obama’s failure to fulfill his presidential responsibilities.

(1)Expert: U.S. playing Russian roulette with Ebola via

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